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Property prices in Paris

As with any major city, property prices within Paris vary. Broadly speaking, the most expensive properties are in the highly sought-after central districts, while prices tend to drop as you travel out of the city centre towards the outskirts of Paris.

Paris consists of twenty arrondissements:


The 6th arrondissement is generally the priciest area to buy in, with properties costing an average of €12,676/m². Property in the 19th arrondissement is generally the least expensive in the city, at an average of €7,159/m².

Average Apartment Prices in Paris

The following property information was collected from the French notaires index (French land registry) during the 4th quarter of 2017.

Property prices in Paris by district

1st arrondissement:
Les Halles: €10,630/m²
Palais Royal : €10,569/m²
Place Vendome : N/A
St. Germain-l’Auxerrois: €10,569/m²
Average price overall : €11,189m²
11th arrondissement:
Folie-Mericourt: €8,240/m²
Saint-Ambroise: €8,190/m²
La Roquette: €8,250/m²
Sainte-Marguerite: €7,850/m²
Average price overall: €8,742/m²
2nd arrondissement:
Gaillon: €9,985/ m²
Vivienne: €9,985/ m²
Mail: €9,110/m²
Bonne-Nouvelle: €9,300/m²
Average price overall : €10,226/m²
12th arrondissement:
Quinze-Vingts: €8,240/m²
Bercy: €7,480/m²
Pipcus: €7,440/m²
Bel-Air: €7,260/m²
Average price overall: €8,103/m²
3rd arrondissement
Arts-et-Metiers: €9,260/m²
Sainte-Avoye : €9,850/m²
Enfants-Rouges : €10,410/m²
Archives : €10,350/m²
Average price overall: €10,951/m²
13th arrondissement:
Croulebarbe: €8,670/m²
Salpetriere: €8.120/m²
Gare: €6,820/m²
Maison-Blanche: €7,410/m²
Average price overall: €7,880/m²
4th arrondissement:
Saint-Merri: €10,160/m²
Saint-Gervais: €11,160/m²
Notre-Dame: €10,202/m²
Arsenal: €10,350/m²
Average price overall: €11,613/m²
14th arrondissement:
Plaisance: €8,140/m²
Montparnasse: €9.230/m²
Petit Montrouge: €8,040/m²
Parc Montsouris: €8.330/m²
Average price overall: €8,810/m²
5th arrondissement:
Sorbonne: €11,470/m²
Saint-Victor: €10,000/m²
Val-de-Grace: €10,420/m²
Jardin des Plantes: €9,850/m²
Average price overall: €10,858/m²
15th arrondissement:
Javel: €8,040/m²
Grenelle: €8.860/m²
Saint-Lambert: €8,000/m²
Necker: €9,040/m²
Average price overall: €8,820/m²
6th arrondissement:
Notre-Dame-des-Champs: €11,160/m²
Odeon : €12,080/m²
St.-Germain-des-Pres : €12,590/m²
Monnaie: €10,710/m²
Average price overall: €12,676/m²
16th arrondissement:
Auteuil: €8,170/m²
La Muette: €8.840/m²
Porte Dauphine: €9,030/m²
Chaillot: €9,420/m²
Average price overall: €9,474/m²
7th arrondissement:
Gros-Caillou: €10,540/m²
Les Invalides: €12,700/m²
Ecole-Militaire: €10,280/m²
St.-Thomas-d’Aquin: €13,240/m²
Average price overall: €12,364/m²
17th arrondissement:
Ternes: €8,630/m²
Plaine Monceau: €8,840/m²
Batignolles: €8,570/m²
Epinettes: €7,390/m²
Average price overall: €9,030/m²
8th arrondissement:
Champs-Elysees: 14,050/ m²
Faubourg du Roule: €10,180/m²
La Madeleine: €9,400/m²
Europe: €10,010/m²
Average price overall: €10,199/m²
18th arrondissement:
Grandes-Carrieres: €7,880/m²
Clignancourt: €7,300/m²
La Goutte-d’Or: €6,340/m²
La Chapelle: €6,130/m²
Average price overall: €8,009/m²
9th arrondissement:
Saint-Georges: €8,520/m²
Rochechouart: €8,630/m²
Chaussee-d’Antin: €8,530/m²
Faubourg Montmartre: €9,080/m²
Average price overall: €9,179/m²
19th arrondissement:
La Vilette: €6,300/m²
Combat: €7,060/m²
Pont de Flandre: €5,740/m²
Amerique: €6,290/m²
Average price overall: €7,159/m²
10th arrondissement:
St.-Vincent-de-Paul: €6,780/m²
Porte Saint-Denis: €8,180/m²
Porte Saint-Martin: €8,370/m²
Hopital St-Louis: €7,420/m²
Average price overall: €8,416/m²
20th arrondissement:
Belleville: €6,930/m²
Pere-Lachaise: €7,260/m²
Charonne: €6,910/m²
Saint-Fargeau: €6,360/m²
Average price overall: €7,495/m²


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