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Avallon is a village of Yonne department, in Burgundy region. It overlooks the Cousin river and the Parc Naturel Regional du Morvan. From the Celts to the Middle Ages through the Roman period, Avallon was a strategic place. The name of the town comes from the Celtic word « Aballo » which means « Apple ».

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By car, Avallon can be reached from Paris within 2 hours via the A6 motorway.

The closest airport is Lyon.
As for railway services, Avallon is on the Paris-Lyon line.


During the Gaul period, it was only a temporary fortified refuge. This place became then a Castrum, a fortified Roman camp, due to its strategic location on the via Agrippa which linked Paris to Boulogne sur Mer. The castle was built on the place where the antique city stood. Today, nothing remains of this stronghold. In 1477, the duché de Bourgogne of which Avallon was part, is integrated to the French kingdom. The Roman theatre was only found in 1765 with numerous items such as medals, graves, weapons, amphora fragments… At the end of the 18th century, the three medieval doors, entrance to the city, are destroyed to allow the expansion of Avallon.


Avallon offers to the visitor numerous monuments to discover.
Religious buildings: Saint Lazare collegiate church (12th century), St Martin church (1650), Capucins, Minimes, Ursulines and Vistandines convents, all from the 17th century.
Civil monuments: City hall, Hospital, St Julien square, the bridges: A stone bridge was built to allow the Lormes road ; its two central pillars are oblique. Claireau Bridge is worth seeing for the unspoilt view it offers to the stone barrier and the Cousin falls.
La Tour de l’Horloge was built in 1456 on the highest point of the city.
Musée d’Avallon tells the History of Avallon and its surroundings through Art.
Another local attraction is the Costume Exhibition Centre where, every year, a hundred costumes and ancient documents are exhibited.
The Arcy sur Cure grotto with its rock paintings (20km North of Avallon) is one of the main sites to study the French Paleolithic period.
The Bazoches Castle (23 km from Avallon) is a 12th century feudal castle. Vauban, military architect of Louis 14th, lived and designed the major part of its work there.
Other activities such as hiking, tree climbing, cycle touring and swimming are available activities in Avallon.

Food and Drink

Gougere Bourguignonne is a regional speciality made of puff pastry and gruyere.
Soumaintrain and Saint-Florentin are both cow milk cheeses and are produced in Yonne department.
As for wine, Chablis (white wine) and Côtes d’Auxerre (white and red wines) are two noteworthy local examples.


arrow2 LES CAPUCINS, traditional restaurant
6, avenue Paul Doumer 89200 Avallon Tel:
arrow2 LE GOURMILLON, traditional restaurant
8 rue de Lyon 89200 Avallon Tel:
arrow2 LE CHAPEAU ROUGE, traditional restaurant
16 Place Vauban, 89200 Avallon Tel:

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